Don’t hate me Los Angeles & Orange County, this photographer <3’s New York

I recently had the pleasure of visiting New York and taking photos for an amazing couple.  I can hardly explain how much fun we had taking in the sights, while at the same time capturing their love for each other in one of the most iconic states in the US.

While roaming the city I was looking at everything with my ‘photographer eyes’, I was blown away!  There were SO MANY ah-mazing spots for great photos.  Sooooo, instead of trying to hit only 1-2 spots,  we ended up trying to do it all!  Of course, we failed.  BUT, we did get to a bunch of really fun spots.

Thankfully Maygan did a little research in advance so we narrowed our scope down to Chelsea Market, DUMBO, Central Park, Time’s Square/Broadway, 5th Ave, and everything in between!  We even tried to find ‘Central Perk’ (anyone??), but to our great disappointment discovered it’s located in Burbank California…  +10 Cool points to anyone who caught that reference 😉

Without further ado, enjoy the photos!

Pixel That! Photography-0632Pixel That! Photography-0657 DUMBO – Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass – Get it?  🙂  I loved shooting here because there was so much diffused directional light!Pixel That! Photography-0713 Pixel That! Photography-0755

My wife’s friend Marissa was in NY with us too!Pixel That! Photography-0771-2

The best marriages meet 1/2 way
Pixel That! Photography-0782 Pixel That! Photography-0820 Pixel That! Photography-0845 Pixel That! Photography-0873 Pixel That! Photography-0913 Pixel That! Photography-0937 Pixel That! Photography-0938 Pixel That! Photography-0964 Pixel That! Photography-1021

Sharing is caring!Pixel That! Photography-1053 Pixel That! Photography-1064 Pixel That! Photography-1072 Pixel That! Photography-1079 Pixel That! Photography-1091 Pixel That! Photography-1109 Pixel That! Photography-1132 Pixel That! Photography-1144 Pixel That! Photography-1280 Pixel That! Photography-1395 Pixel That! Photography-1412 Pixel That! Photography-1422 Pixel That! Photography-1467 Pixel That! Photography-1473 Pixel That! Photography-1631 Pixel That! Photography-1640 Pixel That! Photography-1646 Pixel That! Photography-1684-3 Pixel That! Photography-1774 Pixel That! Photography-1930 Pixel That! Photography-1948

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