Saying ‘Farewell’ – An Operation Love Story

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  As many of you already know, I’m a member of an organization called ‘Operation Love Reunited‘, which provides complimentary photography coverage for military families.

I recently had the privilege of spending time with the Walsh family as they said goodbye to a brother & son who is leaving to Afghanistan this month.  To respect the families’ wishes I will be leaving names out of this blog.

Because of their crazy schedule the Walsh family was only available evenings after sunset; a time when light becomes a bit of an issue 🙂

Enter our hero David LaNeve, owner of the ‘Orange County Photography Center‘ and Op-Love member.  Not only did he provide the space for this shoot as a gift to the Walsh’s, but he volunteered his own time as a 2nd photographer.  So David, a special thanks goes out to you for being so hospitable.

The photo’s show the pain, hope, and sorrow of having a family member depart for such a task.  This is especially apparent in the last few photo’s in which we have our soldier sitting in the studio chair with his parents saying what they will miss most about having him here at home.

Enjoy the photos, and send out your prayers to the Walsh family for a safe return from Afghanistan for their son & brother.

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