Riding a tandem is like marriage – Allison & Matt

What’s that, you say?  I’m reaching by comparing marriage to riding a Tandem bicycle? Read on!

Allison is a former roommate of my wife’s from her college years, so we go way back.  Her last name was ‘Kunkel’ which is just plain fun to say (trust me, try it a few times).  So when I’d pop into their place you’d hear something along the lines of, ‘Hi Kunkel’, and her response was always, ‘Sup, B?’.

Fast forward to her April wedding and we hear the story Allison’s father Dan, who told of Allison asking him to pray with her before going to bed as a little girl.  Dan would get beside her bed and pray for the man that she would someday marry, that he would have the qualities a husband should.  He prayed that her future groom would place Allison above all others, that he would respect, honor, and cherish her.  Dan proudly announced that Matt was the answer to that prayer.

Matt and Allison love being active together, and their wedding showcased that with a special item: a tandem bicycle:

We incorporated the bicycle into their ‘romantics’ right as the sun was setting.  ‘Romantics’ are what I call the photos of the couple by themselves.

As we were taking the photos I remembered a time when my wife and I were riding a tandem on our honeymoon.  We were staying in San Francisco for a few days before heading up to wine country.  We decided to ride over the Golden Gate bridge into Sausalito for the day.  (Side note: When Val signed the rental agreement it was the first time she signed as ‘Valerie Carter’).

So we set out on our tandem and we were riding up a huge climb of switchbacks to get to the beginning of the golden gate bridge and I’m absolutely dying.  Sweating my butt off, muscles aching, breathing heavy, lungs on fire, the whole 9 yards.  It’s at this point I look back and see my lovely bride with her legs lifted up off of the pedals taking a breather…

So here’s where Matt & Allison’s tandem inspired me.  It’s a simple matter of how riding a tandem with your spouse relates to marriage.  As a husband and wife, you are a team.  Although you’re always working together it’s important that you identify each others’ strengths.  Allison, there will be times when you should sit in the front seat because you are more familiar with the territory.  Rest assured Matt will be supporting you by pedaling his heart out and giving you words of encouragement.  That’s the kind of guy he is, and that’s why your mom & dad were so darn happy on your wedding day :).  Likewise there will be times Matt will sit in front, and it will be your turn to support him as he does you.  Matt when you need a little extra help, ask & encourage your wife to pedal a little harder.  Sometimes Allison, you may get tired and feel like you just can’t do anymore, lift your feet up and take a break, Matt can pedal on his own for a while, that’s what husbands do!

This simple analogy comes from someone who is only 2 1/2 years into his own marriage, but I feel that it’s as true for me as it is for an ‘old married couple’.  The key is communication.  Ask for help when needed, and pedal extra hard for your spouse when they feel like they just can’t go any further.

Wishing all the best to you both, your wedding was beautiful!  Of course I have to share a few more photos below 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Riding a tandem is like marriage – Allison & Matt

  1. Jenny on said:

    What a beautiful wedding! Love your pictures! Where did the bride and groom get married at?

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