Overwhelmed in the best ways.

Today was insane.  It was an emotionally and pysically draining day, but great.  My parents gave me a call asking for a little help moving stuff around their house in Covina.  My day was already booked, I had a wedding scheduled, needed to rent a lens, and go to the camera store for a couple of last minute items.

I figured I could squeeze some time out of my day and make it over there for a bit.  They asked me to grab some supplies out of the back room, and then I saw this box and ribbon…

My parents are crazy; I say that with the utmost respect for them, their marriage, their lives, and their faith.  This is the camera of my dreams.  I was happy with receiving it, but what hit me harder and completely overwhelmed me was the faith they showed in me.  They were saying, ‘I think you can do this, I believe you will succeed.’  I cried and I’m not ashamed to say it.  I love my parents so much, I don’t know how I can possibly thank them enough.  This blog entry is my meager thank-you.  My passion for photography and continued pursuit of improvement, personally, in my business, and with my photos will be my bigger thank you 🙂

Here’s a shot from the first gig I shot with my new 5D.  Thanks for an awesome evening Casey and Willie!


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One thought on “Overwhelmed in the best ways.

  1. Madre on said:

    Aw, Brian , you made me cry with this post. I know that God is gonna bless all of your efforts and I am so proud of you! Your parents are so right to have such faith in you! Love you!


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