Do you want to win a free portrait session? Comment away!

I need YOUR feedback!  My favorite coffee shop is going to host a selection of my work and I just can’t decide what I want to put up!  I have it narrowed down to a few of my favorites that seemed appropriate for viewing in a coffee shop, but I just can’t be objective.  Depending on how I size the prints I can probably use about 5 photos, which ones do you like best/least?  Can you tell me why or why not?

When I look at each of my photos I remember the story behind it.  When I see them I think of the relationships with the people or the location, or how that was the day I got an awesome compliment, etc.  All of which make each photo special to me in a unique way, but also makes me a terrible judge :)

So below, check out the handful of photos, if you click on the photo you’ll see I left a comment with a brief description of the photo and why it’s important to me! And so our conversation begins, but I’m asking you to do the rest!  It doesn’t matter whether you email me, post on Facebook, or leave comments here on the blog, BUT here’s the kicker.  Whoever engages the most here on my blog will win a free portrait session.  It can be a family (up to 5) portrait session, you can use it for photos of your kids, or it can be engagement photos!  I will make my decision by this Friday on the photos and the winner by this Friday the 8th.  I encourage and appreciate your feedback!

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13 thoughts on “Do you want to win a free portrait session? Comment away!

  1. Here are my votes:

    1.) Laurel and Omar – you ever look at a couple and just smile at their happiness? That’s how this photo makes me feel. It makes me smile at their happiness and it’s a bright and vibrant photo. At least that’s what I see.

    2.) Hawaiian Sunset at Ko Olina Oahu – This is a shot that I can print and place in my office or home to just sit and stare at daily. Seriously, I LOVE this shot. It captures a wonderful moment and well, it’s a joy to look at.

    3.) Senior Portraits – Bianca – Not sure what to say about this photo other than that it’s a great shot. She’s looking back but not completely, and she’s also not just completely walking away. You know what I mean? It’s like one of those romantic scenes in a film where the girl is walking away and the guy’s looking at her and he says “yeah, she loves me…”

    Yes, I watch romantic comedies on occasion, heh. Now, that’s probably not the type of moment you captured, but it’s a great shot nonetheless.

    4.) – This was just has laughter and joy written all over it. Want a picture that makes you smile, this is it.

    5.) Wedding Photos Lindley Scott House 2 – Great action shot. Big day, fun moment I’m sure.

    6.) Operation Love Reunited – Marine leaving to War – GREAT photo. This one is touching. Not sure why I like it more than the others, just the style I suppose. But it’s very well done (in my opinion).

    7.) Baby portraits – Brayden 3 – There’s just something relaxing about this one. He’s not looking at you, but he’s not looking away. It’s a great shot.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Ricardo. I love seeing how my photos impact the feelings/emotions of other people. Sometimes I feel the same way, and sometimes people bring a completely different thought or perspective.

      I’ll count this post as 7 posts since it was a long one. I’ll send out an update on Friday who the winner is!

      Thanks again for the blog-love!

    • Oh and which of the ‘Marine Leaving to War’ shots was your favorite Ricardo? The silhouette, or the one when you can see their faces?

  2. Kaysa on said:

    These are my 5 suggestions:
    Segerstrom the interior shot
    Girls with flowers in their faces
    Bride and Groom with Groom holding the bouquet
    The smiling little girl
    The hawaiian beach….That one would inspire vacation plans.

    • Wow Kaysa! Pulling into the lead early on huh? Thanks so much for the comments you’ve left! Make sure that I have a way to get in contact with you in case you are the winner come Friday!

  3. 1) Hawaiin sunset
    2) Segerstrom internal
    3) Segerstrom external 4

    The order of my preference =)


  4. Ana Graham on said:

    There are a lot of questions that pop up into mind when looking at your picks. First, what kind of market do you want to “advertise” to? You have a range of talent and depending on which photos you put up can attract different clientle. Second, if the coffee shop is really into community and people who live there, you might not want to put architectural or landscapes up. You gotta ask yourself who comes in here, who do I want as clients, and what photos will attract those clients more?

    Anyways… aside from my marketing side of my brain… These are my faves all because they tell an touching story about life and the joy and wonder it brings.

    1. The B&W family portrait of the girl laughing.
    2. JFShea foundation @ The Montage
    3. Marine Leaving to War 3
    4. Lindsey Scott House 2
    5. Engagement Session 3

    Congrats Brian. You’re doing an awesome job and your talents is getting better each time I look at your work. Proud of you!

    • Thanks Ana! You and I are on the same page in a big way. The marketing/business side of our brains kicks into overdrive and takes over a bit.

      For this situation I think I want to leave the decision making simply on which photos would be most enjoyed by people going into a coffee shop. I think that your 1-5 list is just that, so thanks so much for your input and the compliments, I appreciate it!

  5. Laura Roberts on said:

    Hi Brian, these photos are all fabulous!
    My favorites are:
    1 – Segerstrom Concert Hall. This is a beautiful photo, it really draws your eye in and you want to look and look and look!
    2- Family Portrait, Girl Laughing. You did a fantastic job at capturing the joy in this little girl.
    3 – Hawaiian Sunset: Gorgeous tropical, end of day feeling, So peaceful.
    4 – Shea Center – Michael. This one is very special. I love the different helping hands, and the feeling of people pitching in to help this man.
    5.- Love Reunited # 3. Great shot of a something that happens every day when soldiers come home from war. The silhouette just adds to that feel.

    • Thanks for your feedback Laura :) I love the Segerstrom shot as well, unfortunately a Panorama won’t fit well into the space at the coffee shop. Even if I were to transform the dimensions, it would look weird. It’s a shot I love, but will probably have to use some other time :(

      I took your advice into consideration and used a couple of the shots you recommended, you’ll see which ones very soon!

  6. Christi on said:

    Okay…I am past your deadline, but wanted to tell you my opinions anyway.

    1) Laughing girl black and white

    2) Engagement session 4 (black and white twirling)

    3) bride and groom feet!

    4) Marine leaving for War Kissing silhouette

    5) Brayden (the first one where he is looking up)

    PS you know that I think all of your shots are amazing! You are extremely talented! :)

    • Hi Christi! Thank you so much :) Totally took your feedback into consideration and used a couple of your recommendations. I’m going to give Casey a call today to see if we can’t get some photos of little Abby!

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